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Re-invents the clean room suit

BeMicron®, a new model of clean room coverall which reduces the risk of contamination and the donning time.

Methods of testing :

The folding system of the BeMicron® suit makes the donning procedure unique:

  • All manipulations are performed automatically, intuitively and without errors.  
  • Donning tests have been carried out using the standard procedure and the specific BeMicron® procedure
  • The donning tests were carried out with maximum contamination of the hands(considérées comme le point critique dans le processus). (considered to be the critical point in the process). The contaminant (a fluorescein-based gel) is visible on the hands under UV light after the suit is put on.
  • These video clips show the differences in donning time and contamination :

Video abstract
View the contamination test
Video abstract
Conventional system
Video abstract
Complete protection with BeMicron®

Results :

A comparison between BeMicron® and the conventional system reveals the following :

  • Reduced risk of contamination : donning tests with fluorescein-contaminated hands show a total lack of contamination on the front surface of the BeMicron® suit, while the conventional suit shows contamination on the fore-arms and chest.
  • Reduced donning time : the BeMicron® was donned and adjusted in 30 seconds, whereas the usual procedures require approximately 5 to 10 minutes.
  • The single-stage donning method reduces both the time required and the risk of external contamination

Conclusion :

  • The BeMicron® clean room coverall improves the donning process and reduces both the time taken and the risk of operator errors. All stages with a risk of contamination being eliminated, such risks are diminished.
  • The donning process for operators working in sterile rooms can take up to 40 minutes per day. Reducing this duration improves the effective working time and productivity, while improving the process itself.
  • The BeMicron® system is cost-effective, efficient, and guarantees better sterility. This is a strong incentive for considering changes in the pharmaceutical industry.

The BeMicron® suit guarantees complete protection against human contamination of the work space.


Comfortable, reduce growning time & contamination risk

The range

BeMicron® GMP
Aseptic one-piece coverall
BeMicron® Original
Jacket with hood
BeMicron® 4All
Performance with separate hood
BeMicron® Pro-Tech
Protection against fluids and particles
BeMicron® ESD
Apron with high antistatic protection
BeMicron® Health-Care
Jacket allowing independent donning

Objective :

Operators in clean rooms and sterile areas incur significant risks of contamination. Donning procedures are obliged to meet the requirements of GMP and are time-consuming and tedious. The clean-room donning process takes between 5 and 10 minutes for the great majority of operators.

BeMicron® has re-invented a full coverall which combines the simplicity and rapidity of the donning procedure and greatly reduces the risks of contamination.


Potential applications :

The BeMicron® suit is a key success factor for all operators in clean-room sterile environments in a number of sectors :

  • - Pharmaceuticals
  • - Biotechnology
  • - Electronics
  • - Hospital environments
BeMicron® is the solution for:

  • reducing and simplifying
    donning procedures
  • controlling the risk of
  • improving user
  • saving time and
The introduction video of the BeMicron® concept

A family business which has been active in the clean-room clothing decontamination sector for more than 20 years, the company has developed and a revolutionary gowning system
The company possesses unique expertise in gowning for clean rooms. In seeking to simplify the gowning procedure and aiming to limit any contamination risk during gowning, the idea of developing a new ‘ready-to-use’ product for entry into clean rooms was born. Today, a wide range of unique and high-performance products are marketed under the BeMicron® brand..


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