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The BeMicron Health-Care gown enables sterile gowning without the help of a nurse, while avoiding any risk of contamination
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BeMicron® Health-Care

Gown enabling pharmacists, technicians and surgeons 

to dress independently

The BeMicron Health-Care gown enables sterile gowning without the help of a nurse, while avoiding any risk of contamination

Made from a fabric carefully selected for its quality, performance and lasting reliability, it offers excellent mechanical strength and protects the operator against the various risks arising from their work. It has a perfectly-smooth technical filtering wall, both front and back, and constitutes a veritable barrier against human contamination.

Thanks to the folding system and donning procedure, the operator’s movements follow each other automatically without need to touch the outside of the coverall and without errors in procedure.

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  • Quick and intuitive
    Donned in 30 seconds without touching the outside
  • Total safety
    Remove any risk of contamination during the gowning procedure
  • Economical
    Reduce your costs whilst increasing your productivity and quality

Donning procedure

combi Out of the bag
combi White = left
Red = right
combi Easy gowning system

The coverall in detail

combi 1 A hood which adjusts perfectly. Opening from back, up to top of hood
The coverall can be perfectly adjusted horizontally with studs.
The gown is provided with the back opening completely sealed, from the base of the back to the top of the hood.
combi 2 The jacket can be used with or without hood
Without hood in the classic version and with cowl to offer protection reinforced by the independent aseptic gowning system concept
combi3 Closure by snap fasteners in the back, easy garment removal without risk of operator contamination
Easy undressing thanks to unconnected back opening, simply separate the studs and remove the clothing.
combi4 The garment can be completed by BeMicron Cyto boots
For increased protection, the gown can be worn with a pair of boots. This system is an original substitute complementing conventional ‘coverall’ clean room attire. This clothing system with a gown is thus perfectly suited to the practices of a hospital environment.

A family business which has been active in the clean-room clothing decontamination sector for more than 20 years, the company has developed and a revolutionary gowning system
The company possesses unique expertise in gowning for clean rooms. In seeking to simplify the gowning procedure and aiming to limit any contamination risk during gowning, the idea of developing a new ‘ready-to-use’ product for entry into clean rooms was born. Today, a wide range of unique and high-performance products are marketed under the BeMicron® brand..


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