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First full in the yelow cells with your own datas, then the blue cells with your own evaluation and you will get the results in a very impressive green.

Top savings

Saving per entry Wage all-in /hour Wage/minute Average number of Minutes per entry Saving per entry Number of entry per day Working day per week Working staff Weeks per year Savings
Mask if disposable   Price of a disposable mask Number of entry per day Working day per week Working staff Weeks per year Savings

Saving to evaluate by yourself

Purchasing Gown +/- same considering it's a one piece garment - mostly cheaper Purchasing difference:
Processing Decontamination laundry BeMicron is really cost efficient at a minimum of 5% (considering the packaging only - compared to a 2 pieces system) Processing difference:
Tracability Tracability and stock 3 pieces instead of 1 (identification)   Number of sets for 1 week cycle Price for identification   Savings
  all-in one suit 880    
Saving on training and security for quality No more worry about how the people get ready before enter the cleanroom - Secure for maintenance staff
You can save
with BeMicron

Integrated Goggles Coverall

  • Washable and reusable
  • Cleanroom compliant
  • Comfortable and breathable
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  • Discover our full range of curated
  • accessories from boots to apron from
  • different garments
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News and Blog

13 September 2022
Egypt | PharmaConex 2022
BeMicron participates in the Pharmaconex tradeshow organized in Cairo, Egypt at Egypt International Exhibition Centre.     CPHI , a global body that organizes some of the biggest pharmaceutical events all over the globe, dedicates ...
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25 August 2022
BeMicron’s answer to Annex-1: Coverall with Integrated Goggle
Hello and Welcome to all our readers! We are going to talk about one of the most popular and accepted BeMicron innovations of the recent past. Requirements for garments can differ vastly depending on the class...
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01 July 2022
BeMicron Eco-Pack
Hello and welcome everyone to our new blog where we will talk about the latest and a more sustainable innovative solution that BeMicron has recently added to its long-range of product assortment: The Eco-Pack ...
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20 May 2022
Lounges 2022
BeMicron participates in the Lounges exhibition organized in Karlsruhe, Germany by Inspire GmbH at Messe Karlsruhe/Rheinstetten. Lounges , one of the most popular cleanroom events in DACH region, houses various se...
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