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BeMicron reinvents the cleanroom laundry

BeMicron’s unit removes commercial laundry services from the supply chain !

In-house decontamination units

BeMicron enables the delivery of compliant contamination control solutions & services anywhere.

Our units have been designed to be agile, to meet all our partner's capacity and compliance needs, to operate on your premises with the full support and securities just like an external commercial laundry !

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BeMicron represents over 30 years of global experience in innovative commercial contamination control services and products

This experience and knowledge is now available directly for the end user with the BeMicron's unit on your premises.

We deliver a complete best practice decontamination unit to operate on your premises.

1 Ready to operate

BeMicron delivers and continuously supports end-users in life sciences with a ready to operate decontamination unit and further means to control contamination and meet global standards.

2 Customized and fine-tuned

Our partners specific needs are embedded in the units we setup ; operational, quality procedures and systems, moreover the supply of a intelligent IT system meeting compliance and management demands.

3 Global ecosystem

Together with the laundry units, BeMicron supplies textile needs, innovative eye protection, breathing equipment, warehousing and logistics, intelligent control using UHF technology.

Flexible and durable The BeMicron units fully adapt to our partner's needs, future capacity and quality demands.

Designed according to all the latest innovations and requirements for GMP compliance, both machines and installations meet the latest technical quality and efficiency standards. Some of these were patented for the unique innovations we have made.

advanced IT and connectivity The units come with a full IT platform for laundry process management and quality information.

The system is based on an online cloud computing system in order to operate, manage both operationally and quality wise. The unit's full technical set up and flow is based on UHF technology for efficiency, compliance, track & trace, stock management and transparency.

sustainable and economical The units are build with innovative technologies in mind to ensure a minimal ecological footprint.

Such as reusable bags, savings on water and on the use of natural resources, solar power, etc.

BeMicron’s decontamination units enable the delivery of compliant contamination control solutions & services anywhere; especially also to support our partner's investments in emerging countries

Immediately operate on the highest level of global standards without having to go through a lengthy period to develop knowledge and specialist competences.

BeMicron will supply and continuously support the systems and further means to operate in a fully compliant & efficient way.

Access the experience and intelligence of BeMicron's knowledge while owning and operating an in-house decontamination unit

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Integrated Goggles Coverall

  • Washable and reusable
  • Cleanroom compliant
  • Comfortable and breathable
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